The Definition of Support: Partnering with an APEX Tutor

By Emily Fenton Jacobson, APEX Tutoring

Support (verb):

  1. to give encouragement and approval to someone because you want the person to succeed;
  2. to help someone in an emotional or practical way.

AP classes: the toughest part of many high-achieving students’ academic day. And they should be—Advanced Placement courses are designed to introduce students to challenging content; foster in-depth exploration of complex topics; and hone critical thinking and study skills. But precisely because of these lofty goals, the work necessary to succeed in an AP course can be overwhelming. The stakes—for students and for their parents—feel quite high.

That’s where APEX comes in. What if a trusted professional, one with a wealth of subject-matter knowledge and plenty of experience connecting with young adults, could provide crucial support as your student makes his or her way through the AP gauntlet? At APEX, our mission is to do just that. APEX can help your student be better-prepared and less stressed, freeing up more time to pursue balance in other parts of his or her busy life.  

The Missing Piece: Singular Support

APEX specializes in providing quality math and science tutoring to high school and college students taking higher-level, honors, and AP courses. From algebra to multi-variable calculus, from biology to physics (and almost every course in between) an APEX tutor can support your student’s quest for success.

The Missing Piece

The culture of support at APEX informs every interaction our tutors have; it’s at the heart of who we are. APEX Founder and Principal Tutor Dan DuBrow, a Golden Apple teaching award nominee, has been teaching advanced math and science courses for over twenty years. His love of math and science, combined with his passion for bringing these subjects to life, has allowed him to connect with students of all ages and ability levels. He is particularly passionate about reaching and supporting young adults—and getting to watch their confidence grow alongside their academic skills. “There is really nothing like watching a student have that ‘aha moment’ where a concept really clicks for them,” Dan explains. 

Forging a Connection

Forging a Connection

APEX tutors have impressive credentials—and just as importantly, we are teachers able to forge true connections with the students we support. This love of connection is built in to APEX from the ground up. One grateful parent describes it this way: “Dan DuBrow has been tutoring our son with his college level math and physics subjects . . . Aside from Dan’s high level of professionalism, we noted his proactive and inventive approach to teaching and to taking the time to learn the needs of his student.” This APEX family has been delighted to watch as the support and connection led to their son soaring: “Dan is an amazingly gifted teacher and our son’s academic needs have been greatly satisfied and enriched by Dan’s extraordinary work!”

 Supporting Success

Providing meaningful support to individual students requires that we acknowledge—and respond to—the uniqueness of each learner. No two students are alike; their needs, strengths, and confidence levels often vary hugely. With that in mind, APEX has developed three distinct ways of providing support. “From my experience teaching both online and in the classroom for 20 years,” Dan notes, “I’ve identified that there are different types of support that work for students taking different types of classes. There are also modes that work better based on kids’ comfort levels.”  

– On-demand tutoring is designed for students who are working independently toward a goal of doing well in class but have a few questions about the material. They may just need some quick feedback or a sounding board for their ideas. We give timely, expert answers to questions to help students learn efficiently.

– Online tutoring is for students who are looking for flexible scheduling to get some help at convenient times. Sessions are recorded so students can refer back to them at any time, increasing effectiveness.

– In-person tutoring helps students quickly master difficult concepts with intensive, targeted help from an expert tutor dedicated to your needs.

Helping Students Soar The APEX team is made up of learning professionals who want to inspire, guide, and encourage young adults as they dive into the subject matter we are passionate about. That is how we define support—partnering with students as they grow in confidence and ability; getting to help them soar to successful heights. To learn more about how connecting with an APEX tutor can help your family find the support it needs to soar, contact us today.