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Meet Dan DuBrow, Founder of APEX Tutoring

I’m really excited to publish my first blog post about something I’ve been so passionate about for a long time.  I founded APEX Tutoring to help support students taking honors/AP math & science courses because of my own great experiences teaching and learning.

I know what it’s like to be a motivated, hard-working student.

As a middle and high school student, for the most part, learning came pretty easy to me.  I remember being bored in my 7th grade pre-algebra class, which I explained to my teacher.  She got me an algebra book and started giving me assignments, and within a few months, I had worked through the algebra curriculum.  So in 8th grade, I took math at the high school.  Every day, my mom would pick me up from my middle school, drive me to the high school for the course, sit and wait in the car while I was in class, and then drive me back after it was finished.  Come to think of it, I didn’t appreciate fully the time she took out of her day to drive me around.  (I certainly do now, Mom!)

My Mom, dropping me off at the high school for math class.

In high school, I took mostly honors classes, as well as a number of AP classes – my high school didn’t offer many.   I was a year ahead for math for all of high school and I was so into my physics class that I ended up taking a second year of physics as an independent study.  I eventually majored in Physics in college at the University of Illinois (with a minor in education).  So I understand what it’s like to have a love of learning!

I have a lot of experience teaching motivated students.

For two decades, my passion as a professional educator has been helping hard-working students of all ability levels learn tough subjects such as calculus and physics.  For the past 16 years as a classroom and online physics teacher, I’ve challenged my students to push themselves and reach their goals.  My students have gone on to become engineers at Google, doctors and lawyers, as well as teachers themselves at my school!

I am also active in teaching courses online for highly motivated, hard-working students.  I teach for Northwestern’s Center for Talent Development (AP Physics C) as well as Johns Hopkins’ Center for Talented Youth (Physics Honors).  These students are often taking these courses because they are so motivated and interested in math & science that they relish the extra challenge.  My job is to keep them motivated, so I design fun but tough lab experiments, give them challenging homework assignments, and supplement their learning with over 100 instructional videos that I’ve made.  Even when I’m not in the classroom, I find inspiration to bring real-life examples of Physics into my teaching.

Infinite Mirrors, a fun Physics Experiment you can do at home!

I can completely empathize with students who are following a similar track as I did, and need a little bit more support.  There are a lot of tutors out there, but finding somebody who understands the learning goals and needs of students like me can be more challenging, and this is why I founded APEX Tutoring.  I look forward to working with you!

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